The Editor in Chief

An Introduction

I put this blog together for two reasons. One was to give my political curiosity an outlet, and secondly to have a mini-project to assist me in getting out of what I suspect is depression. The objective of this blog is to look at the “Optics” of what our leaders are trying to convey – the hidden messages and positioning that occurs at the highest level of Government, and assess where the governments of the day find themselves contextually in the wider political climate. Obviously there will be a fairly large UK bias, but I hope to cut through the sensationalist media practices of today to provide a balanced view of what is happening, and whether there are viable alternatives available.

I currently work as an Auditor in the City with a Big 4 Accounting Firm and have completed the ACA examinations process. I have 5 years of experience looking at accounting and financial data. Part of the process is to examine large balances with numerous transactions and try to understand why, for example revenue, figures have moved. This could be in part due to new economic conditions, new products, even something as simple as increased road works! I find the analytical side of the job extremely interesting, but admittedly would rather we had less admin which would be a view shared by many!

My Political Allegiance is currently what would be termed as a “swing voter” although I identify largely with the Liberal Democrats – I generally think there is a balance to be found. I’m more of a CANZUK man personally. As with everything there is nuance. I grew up in Gosport, the traditional home of the Royal Navy’s submarine service and thus a fairly Conservative part of the world. Indeed at the age of 16 I was borderline fervently Eurosceptic. Its the growing up process in which I believe many of our initial political ideology lies but I do know, from first hand experience, that can over time change. I was very lucky to get the chance to go to University College London and encountered both sides of the political spectrum, however I think I took more to the arguments of the centre and left post university. I felt I could see where people were coming from in a daily context, how many Europeans felt about the EU and their place in the UK, and it was easier to talk to those who were not living the “romanticised” version of the Union which was very common in university circles. I’ve said it before, there is nuance in everything. Nowadays I’m not sure which way I’d vote – but I know I’ve drifted into the centre of UK politics.

If there is one thing I learnt that stuck with me from my degree in Archaeology is that we all have innate bias – so as much as I try to present balanced reading inherently there will be moments where that might not appear to be the case!

Otherwise I am found with my head listening to the wonderful “Age of Napoleon” podcast – I have a new found appreciation for the Little Corsican! I love sports of all varieties, follow the Dallas Stars NHL team and am a budding Warhammer 40k collector. If its good enough for Henry Cavill, its good enough for me!

I hope you find something interesting in the musings that I put toghether, and always appreciate any feedback or comments. Is not the point of politics to induce debate, and take our society forward?

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